A DAICO platform for creative projects’ financing and governance
Avoid ICO scams
Safeguard shareholder rights
Reduce the financing costs for start-ups
Promote the prosperity of community culture
Continuous crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the only channel to generate tokens. Tokens are generated when investors buy and are burned when investors exit. The total value of tokens is the true valuation of the project.

Real-time pricing

The more tokens are generated, the higher the issuance and buy-back prices will be. Real-time prices are achieved in the primary market through the bonding curve.

Exit at any time

A portion of the funds from the sale of tokens are used as reserve funds to provide real-time liquidity. Investors can exit from the project at any time, as they can burn their tokens and take their money back with profits.

Community Governance

The other part of the funds obtained from the sale of tokens are used as funds fueling the project development, which are owned by investors. Project owners needs to apply for proposals before they use funds, and investors vote to decide whether the proposal is passed.

Regulation compliant

The FutureDAO framework is compatible with regulators, and KYC, AML, auditing, taxation, and other systems can be embedded into it to achieve compliance-based development of a project. The community can also vote for rights agents to prevent abnormal risks.

Smart Contracts

Token generation, buy-back, governance, and fund clearing are all handled by smart contracts. Decentralized management eradicates any misappropriation or fraudulent behaviors.